T-Shirt Evangelism

One of the hardest things we have found as Christians is spreading the Good news about Jesus Christ. Being bold about our Christianity is having REAL faith that shines even in the light of persecution!

Our founder wanted to be a bright light to the world but did not know quite how to do it so he created a “Jesus Wants You In Heaven” t-shirt and started wearing it every day. He has worn the same shirt (but has multiple copies :)) for over 757 days. He started wearing it on Nov 8, 2018 and does not plan on stopping!

“When I started wearing the Jesus Wants You t-shirt Christians started to appear everywhere I went. From the checkout person in Costco saying ‘He is my Lord and Savior’ to the people walking by saying ‘love your shirt’ I see Christians EVERY DAY and it’s AMAZING. Seeing Christians is only the beginning because the most important feature of my shirt is that I am able to impact hundreds if not thousands of adults and children who read my shirt and think about what it says. We are all called to be a light to the world and I have found that I can be a small spark today and with God’s help I can burn brighter every day!”

Titus Blair, Founder

If you are interested in learning more about t-shirt evangelism please email tshirtevangelism@jesuswantsyou.org and if you want to take your Christian walk to a new level check out our FREE Christian Bootcamps hosted by our founder Titus Blair!