Meaning of Life

The entire meaning of life explained…

The answer? Just ONE word…


Not the “I love chocolate” or the “I love sports” or “I love adventure” kinda love. The “I would die for you”, “I will never leave you”, “I will never forsake you” kinda love…THAT LOVE!

We are all seeking a love that is pure, authentic, and unconditional. A love that never fails!

I don’t know about you, but I have looked for love through the things I could buy (like houses, cars, vacations) or through relationships (like a spouse, family, friends).

But I realized that kind of love would eventually end either in my death or the death of others.

I tried to numb the pain of not having lasting love by working, relationships, food, drinking, watching movies, shopping, travel, and countless other distractions.

But all I ended up doing was “killing time!” I was literally waiting to die.

So I asked myself, is lasting love a lost cause? Is there a love out there that has no bounds or limits? A love that never fails? And if there is that kind of love where could I find it?

I tried to find love through science, philosophy and religion.

Science had no love, it was cold and dark. It taught that everything in this Universe will end, everything! Nothing matters! Love is meaningless. We are meaningless.

Philosophy had no love, it was about the mind and the hopeless and pathetic state of man in a dying Universe.

Religion couldn’t offer a true, lasting, eternal love. It was all about gods, punishments, traditions, ceremonies, and forces ultimately uninterested in me and never demonstrating LOVE!

What was left?

As a child I had been raised in a Christian family and so I decided to take another look at The Bible. It was very, very, very, long and boring and a lot of it did not make any sense….until I came to learn about Jesus (in Matthew, Mark, Luke & John).

Jesus embodied love! What he taught, how he lived and most importantly how he loved others. He taught the TRUTH about who I was, why I was here and what happens to me when I die.

Jesus showed me how to be fully loved and how to love others for the first time in my life!

He taught me that my life matters, that I am loved by GOD, the creator of the Universe! Me! A love so pure, unconditional, and eternal that it’s PERFECT!

Jesus showed me that God loves me! That God wants me to be with Him in His family, His Kingdom, loved, forever! It was AMAZING!

So what had happened? How did I lose this amazing love of God? Had God stopped loving me?

Turns out God had never stopped loving me, I had stopped loving Him!

Jesus taught me that I had wandered away from my one true family, from God. I had loved God’s creation instead of Him and had taken my own path of finding love from the creation instead of the Creator.

A path leading me to a Hell on earth and ultimately separation from God forever.

I was always hungry and never filled, always thirsty but never satisfied.

I was seeking a lasting love and never reaching it!

I was a dead man walking!

But then there was Jesus.

Amazing Jesus!

Sent from God. God’s Son, who came to rescue me and you.

Jesus said “I am the way, truth and life! No one comes to my Father but through me!

Jesus didn’t just tell me how to love, He SHOWED me how to love. How to love God and how to love others, PERFECTLY! He gave me a love that will last forever and he called me back to my family (and your family)…to God’s family!

I was FREE, I was LOVED and I was finally ALIVE!

So tell me about you?

Are you tired of being tired? Killing time? Always trying to be filled and never full? Looking for REAL, PURE, ETERNAL and PERFECT love that can never be taken away from you?

The path to perfect love is here in front of you!

Take that first step away from the path you are on. That dark path leading to a literal DEAD END.

Follow Jesus and start walking in the light!

You will have purpose, you will have a love that is unlike any you have ever experienced! You will be able to love others like Jesus loved you and you will live forever!

Don’t wait until it’s too late!

Experience a love that never fails and a life that never ends! Include your email below and let’s follow Jesus together…