Jesus Wants You

Why does Jesus want YOU?

  1. He loves YOU!
  2. YOU were created by God for a purpose.
  3. YOU were made to live in Heaven with Him forever!
  4. YOUR life, happiness and eternity matters to Him.
  5. Without Him YOU are lost in this world and for eternity.

The most important question in your life!

Are you morally perfect?  Ever lied, stolen, lusted or done anything immoral?  We all have! We are all morally imperfect (sinners). Sin separates us from a morally perfect God.  When we die we can’t be with God in Heaven because of our sins!

The Bible says the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through our Lord Jesus Christ.

BAD NEWS? The wages for our sin is death (Hell).

GOOD NEWS? If you become a follower of Jesus Christ (a Christian) you can receive the gift of eternal life!

Jesus said “I am the way, the truth and the life; no man comes to my father except by me.”


If you read the historically true stories about Jesus (MatthewMarkLuke & John also called the Gospels) you will learn about the life Jesus lived, His death and His miraculous resurrection from the dead. He showed us exactly through his example and teaching THE WAY we should live.

There are only two ways in this life, God’s way and Man’s way. To take man’s way leads to death and destruction in this life and eternal death. God’s way, following His son Jesus, leads to eternal life.

The very first followers of Jesus (Christians), all followed THE WAY Jesus taught. Everyone who followed Jesus…

  1. BELIEVED Jesus was the son of God.
  2. REPENTED of the sinful way (man’s way) they were living.
  3. CONFESSED Jesus as the son of God.
  4. Were IMMERSED in water (baptized) in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit for the forgiveness of their sins, receiving the gift of the Holy Spirit (God’s spirit within Man).
  5. FAITHFULLY obeyed the teachings of Jesus until they died.


Jesus taught that if you were following him then you would know THE TRUTH and it would set you FREE! Many people believe there are many truths but in reality there are only two truths, Man’s truth and God’s truth. Man’s truth is based on finite experience, knowledge and understanding, it is imperfect. God’s truth is based on all knowledge, all power, it is perfect. God created the Universe so His truth is THE TRUTH and His son Jesus lived and taught it.

The truth Jesus taught is simple, if you know Jesus and walk HIS WAY, then you will know God and will discover that you are not doomed to death but destined to eternal life through Jesus.


There are only two types of lives you can live in this world, one that leads to Eternal Death and one that leads to Eternal Life. If you are NOT on THE WAY then you will NOT know THE TRUTH and you will NOT have THE LIFE that is eternal.

If you follow Jesus then you will follow HIS WAY, you will know HIS TRUTH and you will LIVE through HIS LIFE! Jesus said that in order to live you must die. This means that you must let go of the mortal and embrace the immortal. When you embrace the immortal this worldly life, its cares, concerns, pains, joys, pleasures will pale in comparison to walking daily with God.

It’s never too late to take THE WAY! Take your first step by reading the Gospels, also known as the good news (MatthewMarkLuke & John) about Jesus, the Son of God. Listen to the call of Jesus and “follow Him”! The way he is going leads to eternal life, the way we go on our own leads to eternal death. Choose life!

To get started read the book of Mark at the following link:

Click here to read the Gospel of Mark

After you read Mark then read Matthew, John, Luke & Acts.

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