Jesus Wants You

Why does Jesus want YOU?

  1. He loves YOU!
  2. YOU were created by God for a purpose.
  3. YOU were made to live in Heaven with Him forever!
  4. YOUR life, happiness and eternity matters to Him.
  5. Without Him YOU are lost in this world and for eternity.

The most important question in your life!

Are you morally perfect?  Ever lied, stolen, lusted or done anything immoral?  We all have! We are all morally imperfect (sinners). Sin separates us from a morally perfect God.  When we die we can’t be with God in Heaven because of our sins!

The Bible says the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through our Lord Jesus Christ.

BAD NEWS? The wages for our sin is Hell. GOOD NEWS? If you hear Jesus, believe, repent of your sins, confess Jesus, are baptized and faithfully obey the commands of Jesus you will be morally perfect through Jesus and inherit eternal life!

Start by reading the book of Mark at the following link:

Click here to read the Gospel of Mark

After you read Mark then read Matthew, John, Luke & Acts.

If you have questions or want to become a Christian (Awesome!) please feel free to send us a text at +1-619-37-JESUS (+1-619-375-3787) or email us at